Websites by Barbara provides low-cost website development,
maintenance, and hosting to animal related businesses, small
businesses and non-profit organizations.

Websites by Barbara partners with the client to develop user-friendly,
easy to navigate, SEO (Search Engine Optimized) websites to fit the
needs of the client and their audience.

With the internet quickly becoming the single most effective medium
through which to boost growth in visibility and revenue, it is
absolutely essential for large and small organizations to have a web
presence.  That seems simple enough, but with countless new
websites being launched daily, uniqueness is the key element.

It is my desire to deliver quality; an attractive design to accurately
reflect your company’s uniqueness; excellent communication; and
timely service at an affordable cost.

The Portfolio Page has links to all the websites I have designed.

Feel free to contact me at any time for a quote or for any questions
you may have.
Low Cost Website Development, Maintenance, and Hosting
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Website Development or
Work directly with client to develop a web site that best demonstrates the client's services, mission, or vision.
Website Maintenance Monthly or Quarterly maintenance to keep the client's web site current.
Website Hosting * Provide Low Cost Web Hosting for the client.
Domain Registration ** Register domain name(s) for the client.  Public domain registration or private domain registration options.
* Visit my Services Page to see what is included in the Hosting Package.

**Public domain registration discloses the
client’s name, address, and email address.

**Private domain registration will only show the
contact information of a private domain proxy (additional fee required)